Royal Ascot Tickets

Ascot Racecourse offers a number of viewing options for horseracing fans attending the Royal Ascot meeting from the exclusive to the affordable. Take note that children under the age of 16 qualify for free admission to Ascot enclosures on all race days.

Royal Enclosure

Traditionally access to the Royal Enclosure was only available to Ascot members or those they brought as guests. To achieve membership one needed to be nominated by an existing member who had attended the Royal Ascot meeting four times.

Recent changes have seen entry to the Royal Enclosure extended to those purchasing hospitality packages. Prices are stiff, with hospitality packages offering access to the Royal Enclosure entrance ranging from £430 to £940 in price.

Dress code in the Royal Enclosure is strictly formal with all male race-goers required to wear full morning dress, including a top hat, and all female race-goers required to wear formal dresses and a hat.

Grand Stand and Paddock

The Grand Stand and Paddock are the largest viewing areas on Ascot Racecourse. The enclosure offers good views of the racing, reserved seating and top facilities. Race-goers also have access to the Parade Ring and Winner’s Enclosure.

The dress code for this Ascot enclosure is strictly formal, with men required to wear a jacket or a suit and tie. Ladies are required to wear summer dresses or dress suits, with bare tops and sleeveless shirts not permitted.

Entry into the Grand Stand and Paddock can be purchased in the form of a General Admission ticket from the racecourse at a cost of £45 per day. Early booking specials are available, and be advised that the final three days of racing tend to sell out well in advance of the Royal Ascot meeting.

Silver Ring

The Silver Ring is a less formal enclosure which still offers a wide variety of facilities, including betting outlets, bars, restaurants and big-screen televisions. The Silver Ring Ascot enclosure also offers decent views of the course, but does not provide access to the Parade Ring or Winners Enclosure.

Silver Ring ticket buyers are encouraged to wear smart clothing; however, no formal dress code is enforced in this enclosure. Tickets to the Silver Ring cost £13 per day, with early booking discounts available.