Royal Ascot Betting Options

If you’re betting on thoroughbred racing for the first time the variety of horseracing betting options, and associated terminology, can get confusing. The following guide to Royal Ascot betting options will give you an insight into how the most popular horseracing betting markets work.

Bet on a win: By selecting a horse’s name in a race betting market you are backing that entry to win the race.You will only win your bet if your entry comes home in first place. This is often a popular option for strong favorites priced under 4/1.

Each-Way Betting (E/W): When you select a horse to win a race, you will be given the option to place an each-way bet on your betting slip. If you check this option the bookmaker will automatically place a second stake, equal to your first stake, on your selection to place in the race at 1/4 of its odds.

This means you effectively place two bets – a place bet and a bet on the win. If your selection wins, you collect on both bets, while if it places you collect on your second bet at 1/4 of your selection’s odds. Each-way betting is inadvisable if your selection is priced under 4/1 in the Royal Ascot betting markets.

Place Betting: Place betting is simpler than each-way betting. This betting option allows you to place a bet on your horse finishing in the top three of a race (place terms may vary). Place betting markets are usually only available on the day a race is being run, and odds are considerably lower than in the outright win markets.

Jollies & Rags: The Jollies & Rags market presents each race as a battle between one or two of the favourites and the rest of the field. You therefore have the option to either back the favourite at enhanced odds or to bet on any other horse in the field taking the win – a great option if you’re expecting an upset.

Pool Betting: Pool betting can be accessed at many online bookmakers. Pool bets are most popular for multiple bets, or betting on a number of successive races. Successful pool bets pay out significant profits on markets like the trifecta, jackpot, superfecta and pick six, but are generally favoured by the most experience punters.

Lay Betting: Lay betting is an increasingly popular betting option. Online betting exchanges like Betfair offer you the opportunity to bet against horses winning their races. Since there is only one winner in a race and many more losers, this is an interesting betting option, and most popular in sprints, handicaps and listed races and other events prone to upsets of the market favourite.